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traffic light wars…

Posted in Life, Rants, Things that peeve me with tags , , , on February 13, 2013 by fromthenuthousewithlove

I had a situation the other day, where I was walking down the street, with my headphones on listening to some exciting music. I reached a stoplight. It was red, so I ceased walking, like any outstanding citizen would (please, there’s no need for applause of appreciation, I’m just keepin it real). I had the hood of my jacket on due to extreme wind conditions. I have to put my hood on during those conditions because I have bangs, and when you have bangs, you literally CANNOT be friends with wind. It’s esthetically impossible.
For those of you that wear, or have worn hoods, I’m sure you know that turning your head to see what is on either side of you, is not an option. You have to turn your entire torso. So when I’m wearing my hood I try to refrain from having to look around as much as possible because I don’t want to get torsodisplacia.
So I am at a stand still at the stoplight, and the wind is blowing, which is making me curse not only because it’s wind, but because it makes the world a colder place to live. I have a coffee in my left hand so needless to say it’s frozen solid in cup holder’s position, rendering that complete arm useless. I begin doing the side-step dance-a-thon. Stepping from side to side with a little up and down motion, that just so happens to be in tune with the beat of the song I’m listening to (purely coincidental I swear).
In doing this swift motion, my jacket, accidentally rubs the jacket of the woman standing beside me. Which forced me to swivel my torso, so that I may look at her with sincerity and apologize. I’m amazing that way. “I’m sorr…” right in the middle of my attempt she then, in turn shoots me the dirtiest and disgusted look…and I mean downright “I WANT YOU TO DROP DEAD IMMEDIATELY”. Which on a side note, if that actually happened I would totally make sure to drop dead right on top of her, just because I’m one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet doesn’t mean revenge doesn’t make my mouth water. After witnessing the horrible turn of events, I continued with “…y you were in my way”.
Nothing else happened after that, well I mean we both went on our ways, mine was slightly merrier then the Ice Queen’s I’m sure. I just didn’t understand, I didn’t even actually bump into her, our jackets had the hopes of a potential moment. I risked torsodisplacia to apologize to her! I’m not saying she has to worship the ground I walk on, although I wouldn’t refuse (well at first I would but after she insisted I’d eventually give in), but to go as far as dirty looking me?! That my friends, was the day I decided to never again risk my life or health for an apology.