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the “hate-it” list (volume 2)…

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Where the hell have I been the last 6 months? well, no where interesting. I’m here now though, because I have to add a fourth item to my list of things I hate. In the first volume, I had 3 items in one post, this one will be more focused and will only have 1. What can I possibly hate so much that deserves an entire post dedicated to my hatred for it? Well read on and find out! I’ll give you a hint, it’s not coffee.
What I get when I do order my coffee is another story, because when I do make a coffee purchase, from a coffee shop, I want to be able to tell them what I want, and have them make it for me. If I have to add my own cream/milk and sugar and pay over $2 a cup. That’s when I have a problem. It irritates me for two reasons, the first being the more obvious one…that I’m paying for it and have to “fix it” myself. I mean, come on, it’s not like you’re prices are cheap to begin with. I feel like I should be compensated for all this free manual labour I am providing. What next?, I’ll order a breakfast sandwich and have to add my own toppings? Do it yourself coffee is not an appealing scenario for me, because in that case, I would just make it at home. So instead of complaining about it, then why don’t I? That’s why I pay someone and have it done for me, sheesh, get off my tits!
The second one is, that I can never get the proper coffee to cream ratio. Certain establishments, and by using that term I am referring to the ones that give you what you pay for. They use little dispensers, that in my opinion deposit the most desirable amount of milk, cream or sugar. However when you do it yourself, you’re stuck with packets of sugar that you can only assume will be enough, so let’s say I normally order a double double. That would inform the “barista” that I would like 2 creams, and 2 sugars. Simple, easy, efficient. If I go into a shop where I have to add my own sugar, 2 packets of sugar does absolutely nothing, so I’ll add 2 more, which brings my total up to 4 packets and still my whole entire mouth is filled with complete bitterness. Now I don’t know if that bitterness is related to the fact that I have to pay someone to provide my own services. Or if the sugar packet to sugar dispenser ratio needs some tweaking. Either way, it’s disappointment with every sip.
You think that’s bad, I then try adding my own cream or milk with those big ass cartons they have set up for you. Which I don’t know about you but sometimes I wonder how many people have actually put their mouth on that carton and taken a sip, but I can only hope that my imagination is running on fast forward with that thought. Sometimes if you’re lucky instead of a carton you get those little mini buckets with the peel off lid. I feel safer using those, but I mean then I’m standing there for 20 minute because I have to go through like 40 of them to get my desired shade. Which, even when reaching that shade, is still a gamble, and what happens when you gamble? you lose.


The B.S. of C.S…

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Wow, second day in a row, of posting. You must all be feeling incredibly fortunate. This post is something I just have to get off my chest because I’ve held it in far too long. One of the worst things in life, and I say one of, because believe me there are so many,  is walking into a store just to have a look around, and then being bombarded by different sales representatives making you feel like a dead carcass being swarmed by vultures. I realize they have jobs to do, and I realize that “customer service” is key to running a business. However I feel that over the years it’s been taken too far. Customer service, to me, means being respectful to patrons, and providing assistance when needed. Far too many stores, are paying far too many people, to now stand at entrances and greet people coming into the store. What is this doing for me? Well it’s not being respectful because it’s providing me annoyance because now I must have what ever thoughts in my head interrupted,  just to respond to someone who isn’t even being sincere with their greeting because let’s face it they don’t want to do it just as much as I don’t want to hear it. So I have to respond with a fake smile and a hello back to these people just so I don’t become the bitch that ruins someones day. Not that I mind being a day ruiner, however if I’m going to go to the extent of taking it to that level I’d like there to be more substance behind my reasoning for doing so. Although that would be pretty funny…It’s also not providing any assistance when needed, because at this point in the retail game, I haven’t even had time to form a question, because I haven’t had time to browse through your merchandise.
What’s even worse than that, is that it doesn’t stop there. You walk into the store, and start browsing because whatever was on your mind that you were looking for has escaped so now you begin the browsing process to sort of get yourself back on track. When another representative of the establishment comes at you just as soon as you pick up the first item and are ready to place it back on the rack because it’s not as interesting as you thought it was, with something along the lines of “Hi there, is there a specific size in that you were looking for?”  I have two problems with this question. One, no I was looking for a general size. Two, just because I pick something up to look at it doesn’t mean I am ready to buy it so get off my tits! Again, not to be rude because I know they are just doing their job I reply with “no thanks, I’m just looking”. No thanks, I’m just looking. That should be enough information for the eager little beaver that approached you, to take a step back and say, “Ok, if you need anything I’ll be right over here” This doesn’t actually happen though, what happens is, they look at that one item you picked up, and all of a sudden they become an expert on your style. “Oh if you like that then you’ll love this”. I don’t actually like that, that’s why I was putting it back, that’s why you shouldn’t just jump on people and let them come to you. At this point I usually put anything I picked up, down and walk out of the store because my patience wears quite thin in those situations, for those that are more patient it continues, and I walk away laughing calling them suckers.
What I’m trying to say, is that the people who are managing these stores, are putting pressure on the employees to provide better customer service, and constantly trying to improve the wrong things in order to make their business stand out to the public eye,  in turn these employees, which are making minimum wage,  have no idea what they can improve on because there is only so much they can do, so they are forced to get creative, which in turn, pisses off people like me that just want to shop, and not be bothered every two seconds.  Instead of improving on something like “better customer service” why don’t they try improving their products, because products that are really good will sell themselves. Also, no one needs store greeters. Thanks! Come again!


traffic light wars…

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I had a situation the other day, where I was walking down the street, with my headphones on listening to some exciting music. I reached a stoplight. It was red, so I ceased walking, like any outstanding citizen would (please, there’s no need for applause of appreciation, I’m just keepin it real). I had the hood of my jacket on due to extreme wind conditions. I have to put my hood on during those conditions because I have bangs, and when you have bangs, you literally CANNOT be friends with wind. It’s esthetically impossible.
For those of you that wear, or have worn hoods, I’m sure you know that turning your head to see what is on either side of you, is not an option. You have to turn your entire torso. So when I’m wearing my hood I try to refrain from having to look around as much as possible because I don’t want to get torsodisplacia.
So I am at a stand still at the stoplight, and the wind is blowing, which is making me curse not only because it’s wind, but because it makes the world a colder place to live. I have a coffee in my left hand so needless to say it’s frozen solid in cup holder’s position, rendering that complete arm useless. I begin doing the side-step dance-a-thon. Stepping from side to side with a little up and down motion, that just so happens to be in tune with the beat of the song I’m listening to (purely coincidental I swear).
In doing this swift motion, my jacket, accidentally rubs the jacket of the woman standing beside me. Which forced me to swivel my torso, so that I may look at her with sincerity and apologize. I’m amazing that way. “I’m sorr…” right in the middle of my attempt she then, in turn shoots me the dirtiest and disgusted look…and I mean downright “I WANT YOU TO DROP DEAD IMMEDIATELY”. Which on a side note, if that actually happened I would totally make sure to drop dead right on top of her, just because I’m one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet doesn’t mean revenge doesn’t make my mouth water. After witnessing the horrible turn of events, I continued with “…y you were in my way”.
Nothing else happened after that, well I mean we both went on our ways, mine was slightly merrier then the Ice Queen’s I’m sure. I just didn’t understand, I didn’t even actually bump into her, our jackets had the hopes of a potential moment. I risked torsodisplacia to apologize to her! I’m not saying she has to worship the ground I walk on, although I wouldn’t refuse (well at first I would but after she insisted I’d eventually give in), but to go as far as dirty looking me?! That my friends, was the day I decided to never again risk my life or health for an apology.

Beware of FMS, it’s coming to a Nation near you…

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I haven’t posted in a while, I won’t tell you why because I feel that it’s important to keep the mystery going in this relationship we have here. Instead I’m going to keep you all wondering what it is this crazy nut does while not typing away ferociously on a keyboard til her fingers are bloody. I will however point out the obvious, and tell you that I’ve not posted in a while (twice). That being said let’s get to the core of this blogging session.
I’d like to talk to you all about a very serious matter. It seems to be infecting the nations, but not many people seem to realize it’s happening. I hate to be the one to break this information to the world, but it seems as though there is a brand new sickness out there. It’s rather tricky because the carrier of this disease will show no visible signs. You actually have to talk to the person in order to realize they’ve got it. The problem is though, if you are a carrier as well, you won’t realize that someone else has it, because it affects your brain and tricks you into thinking the other person is also being normal.
What on earth can this horrible disease possibly be? One might ask. It’s not an easy question to answer, as the medical profession has not yet become aware of this. I became aware of it long ago, however at the time I had only noticed it in extremely small doses, lately I have been noticing that more and more people have it, which is why I had to make this broadcast message. The term I like to use for it, is FMS (Fucking Moron syndrome). That’s right, there are fucking morons everywhere, and the only possible reason for there to be so many fucking morons out there, is if through no conscious fault of their own they’ve contracted some sort of illness. 
Now before you all get your panties in a twist, I want you to know, you…my followers, are all safe. You have the nuthouse seal of approval, because you have shown enough common sense to become followers. I worry about the rest though. So I ask all of you to give those you care about a dose of nuthouse.
**Please note I did not say to give them a dose of “NUTS” that could be very dangerous to those that are allergic**
Tread carefully my friends, and do whatever you have to do to ensure that my shit list doesn’t get any longer, cuz I’m running out of paper folks, and what happens when we run out of paper? The environment freaks out.
Thank you

when it’s a fart…it’s not a duck…

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I was sitting here trying to write a blog on financial investing, when my self-diagnosed A.D.D. kicked in and said “Hey! What’s the deal with farts, and ducks?!?!” So naturally I felt this matter was far more pressing then the ever so popular financial investments. Quite frankly I don’t know who’s ass I’d have to reach into to pull out such information so realistically this is an occasion in which A.D.D. has saved my life, for those of you that know me, I’m going to save you the time/energy and breath and answer your question now. Yes, I can write about financial investing if I really wanted to, it’s just not my fault that whenever I sit down to write about it, I get intrigued by something far more entertaining.
Before I get into my actual topic I’d like to take the time and tell you all a little bit about my childhood. I grew up in a home where my father thought it was funny to release gas and blame it on either my mother or myself. If my parents went shopping, my father would stand beside my mother long enough to release the ever so crafty “silent but deadlys – aka – SBD’s” and it would be timed so perfectly, right when a salesperson would come up to my mother and ask if she needed assistance with anything. My father would then non-chalantly waunder outside and wait patiently while my mother was inside suffocating with embarrasment. The reason I shared this information with you is because I want you all to be aware that between my father (and grandfather) I am no stranger to flatulence, I’ve literally lived and breathed it (gag) for years.
Whenever either of them had to “pass the gas”, which if I can be completely honest with you all it was more like they had a little army of men holding guns to what would be the “head” of the gas and forced it into submission, rather then coming clean and being open about the fart. I’m sitting there trying to breathe, while being told ridiculous untruths to explain the ronchy smell or inexcusable noise. I musn’t leave all the flatulent fandango in their blame though, they were and are still a big part of the contribution, however there are many more that are also contributing and the number I feel is constantly growing.

Some of the ever so crafty untruths I’ve heard.

1. A huge thunderstorm was underway – I’ve been in this situation many times wondering what the hell they were yammering on about when not even a cloud was in sight. “What’s that sme…oh…really???”

2. The firing squad is at it again – Where is this squad??? Show me where, for years I never understood what they were talking about, until that one dark and dreary day, it hit me, “What’s that smel…for cryin’ out loud!!!”

3. Revving up the engine – We were never even in a car…”Why are they laughing?? Who brought hard boiled eggs?…ohhh…ugh…crap…”

and last but most certainly not least…”Hey, look!…Ducks!”  I don’t know why but this one irritates me because out of all the ones I’ve heard, including the few I’ve mentioned above, ducks is the last thing I would ever assume it sounds like. Ducks are cute little creatures, they are silly and quirky, and their quacks are not fart related. My reason for posting this is that I felt you should all be aware of this horrible theme thats been sweeping the nation, its time an end be put to the comparison of the two. Hell, it’s time an end is put to all the fart diversions. You farted. Let’s not make a big stink about it.
On a side note it may also be  time for  people to  stop farting around me, or I’m going to need to walk around with an oxygen tank. It’s a heavy piece of machinery to walk around with, and I really can’t picture myself with it come the winter time.

I totally just posted about farting…BAM!

leave a message after the beep…

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Voicemail. A large majority of the world now uses this nifty little feature. It’s a simple device that was designed to store a recorded message of whatever you would like to say to the person you are trying to reach, while they are unreachable. Now I don’t know the details of how voicemail was designed or who created it, but the beauty of voicemail is that you don’t have to know all the little details to use it. I have always assumed it was idiotproof, but alas, I have been proven wrong. Working at the job I do has been a constant reminder of how many people really don’t understand the concept.
I receive at least 10 calls a day because there is apparently far too much confusion…and most of them, go something like this…
**Phone rings**
Me: **** Can I help you? (please note that the **** is not a censored version of the word fuck, if I want to say fuck, I will just say fuck, I just blocked out the company name because well, I’m not getting paid to advertise)
Caller: Hi can I speak to Ronald McDonald? (Excuse the name, I’m craving McDonald’s right now…mmm…)
Me: One moment please I’ll transfer you

*Caller is then transfered to the person of their desire, in this case its Mr. McD, he is not at his desk, therefore his voicemail comes on and says “Hi you have reached the voicemail of Ronald McDonald, I am unavailable to take your call at the moment, please leave your name and number and a brief message and I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank You.” BEEEEP*
**Phone rings again**

Me: **** Can I help you?
Caller: Yes, you just transfered me to Ronalds line…
Me: Yes, was his line not working..?
Caller: No no, it was working fine, I just got his voicemail…
Me: Oh, did you leave him a message?
Caller: No.
Me: Did you want me to try someone else for you?
Caller: No, I want to speak to him.
Me: Well, if you received his voicemail chances are he is unavailable to take your call at this time, as stated in his voicemail message…
Caller: Oh, well is there a way I can leave him a message? I have a cheeseburger emergency…
Me: You could leave him a message stating your emergency, and a name and number to call you back on and I’m sure he will return your call as soon as he can.
Caller: Ok yeah, that’s a good idea.
Me: One moment I will transfer you back to his line.

Now…if anyone reading this dosn’t see where I am going with that scenario above…then you unfortunately fall into the category of the people I am talking about.  Not to worry though, one of the many reasons the universe has put me on this planet, is to help you… Help me, Help you, that’s my motto but I do reserve the right to make fun or be rude about it. I feel it’s fair, because well let’s face it, I’m not getting paid for it so I need SOMETHING to get me through it. Don’t try and change the subject by calling me mean, rude or insensitive, I will write a blog on all of those things at a later date and we can hash it out then.
Right now I want to focus on the task at hand. Getting these people on a track, dosn’t matter if it’s the left one or the right one at this point because any direction is a good direction for them.
Ok. So, how do we handle this situation?….yes the above route is one way, but that way just pisses me off, and I will then have to create a file in my brain and call it “most useless person ever”. That file will increase in size rapidly and I will then have to unleash on you much quicker then normal (See my “Don’t make me tell you off” blog posting), things will get ugly. I don’t like ugly things, so let’s try to avoid the creation of that file.  
Our second option, is quite intriguing…are you ready for it?…ok, here it is…leave a message after the beep, the first time…WOW! now that’s a plan if I ever heard one. What a concept! Leaving a message, and not calling back the number and having an irritating conversation with the receptionist that will only get you to leave a message anyway…and the best part is…you thought of it yourself! Now that’s using your head!

It’s a tough life folks, it’s a good thing you’ve got a nut like me to guide you through it :)…

zombies are losers…

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If I met a zombie, I wouldn’t shake it’s hand. I say “it” because I’m not entirely sure on whether or not zombie’s believe in male or female. I mean I know that they were human at one point, but I’m not sure if after their transformation it still counts. They are decaying humans, which means their bodies along with the parts slowly disintigrate. So that means sex is not even  in the equation for them. I don’t even think they know what sex is anymore. You can’t even get an answer out of them because they no longer have the ability to speak, except for one word “Brains” (this is just an assumption based on the movie’s I’ve seen about them, which quite frankly I don’t understand why they bother eating them if you don’t even have a stomach to digest it!) so you can’t even ask them, and if sex is no longer in the equation then are gender’s an issue? You know what? NO! because you can’t even get a conversation out of them! Now some of you are probably thinking, who needs conversation? To that I say, we all need something, even a confirmation! you can’t even get that out of them. Which means if you did manage to sex a zombie, (although it’s part would probably just fall off during the procedure) he’d probably try to charge you with rape. It wouldn’t succeed because they can’t talk, and who in the world would they get to represent them in court? Not because they are zombie’s, but because what lawyer is going to want to take on a case where their client cannot communicate with them in any way to help them win the case and where would they get the money to pay for a lawyer anyway? They can’t even work off their debt because they are consumed with one thing, and it’s not even beneficial to them at this point.
I can’t even tell them how much they piss me off because they can’t hear anything (which in turn pisses me off even more). Actually that’s a lie, they have selective hearing. They hear the book you accidentally drop while you are trying to evade them, but they can’t hear you ask them a question or say “What’s up?, how’s your day?”.  You come here with your torn clothes, your broken limbs, you dirty and destroy everything you touch, or at least you pretend to because everything you touch seems to be fairly easy to destroyed (selective touching as well perhaps?) and then you have the nerve to want to eat MY brain? Get over yourselves.  Then people wonder why I wouldn’t shake their hand? They don’t deserve me to shake their hand!