About My Blog

So I am told I have to tell you all a little bit about me, I first started this blog with no direction. Most of the posts on here are pretty random, and for the most part I like it that way, because it suits my personality. I feel that if I’m going to have a blog, I would like it to reflect who I am. However, I was much younger when I started this, and I now feel I am in a place where I have more than just “random thoughts” to share.
With my life and relationship experiences, I am hoping to make people see the humorous side of shitty times, heart break, and dealing with those nasty lemons that for some reason, life just can’t stop giving out.
Please realize that the posts you see on my blog, are my thoughts, my experiences and my MS Paint drawings. If you decide to share something of mine, please give me credit. Also don’t go trying anything you read on my blog and then blaming me because it didn’t work out. If you do try something you happen to read on my blog then it is at your own risk, and you assume all responsibility if things don’t work out. On the other hand if they do work out and you’re totally happy then…hehehe just kidding!!! it’s all you!
If you enjoy my blog, may I suggest liking my page on Facebook From the Nuthouse, With Love
That being said, I’m still keepin’ it real, and there will still be random posts, and I hope that my dedicated viewers still continue to read my musings

With Love,
The Nuthouse


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