i have challenged myself to a duel…

Except, I’m only fighting with myself, and I’m not technically fighting…you see for someone who wants to start a writing career, I don’t write nearly as much as I should. It’s definitely not for lack of material either. I have the ideas, it’s just that  I usually get my thoughts and ideas of what to write when I’m on the go, and if I can be truly honest (I love that I can be so honest here) I’m super lazy so I don’t want to reach in my bag to grab something to jot them down with. It’s horrible. I know it’s horrible, and yet I still do it. It actually bothers me because how lazy does one have to be? Technology has made things so easy that you can just write stuff down on your phone, hell you could just take voice memo’s or “Captain’s logs”. You don’t even need to carry a pen and notebook around anymore! Ugh! I make myself sick sometimes.
I was reading something on the internet the other day, it said that in order to re-wire your brain and get yourself to think or to do something differently, you have to change your pattern and keep your new pattern for 30 days. Now, I’m not the most patient person on the planet. In fact, I think I will go as far as saying I have absolutely no patience what-so-ever, but I think I can handle 30 days, otherwise this will have to be a 30 week challenge and that doesn’t sound as compelling.
In order to help myself I have come up with a plan of action..(can I just interrupt myself for a minute to say, GO ME!). Starting May 1st, I am going to do a 30 day writing challenge. Yes, you read that correctly, by the end of May there should be 30 new blog posts, this blog has never gotten that much action! I have about 45 topics that I have either come up with, or tailored to my preference. I will be writing about anything from my greatest fears, to my views and opinions on religion. There will be no holding back. Not that I ever had the problem of holding back. In fact the challenge for me is to actually find the time to sit down and write something. So…I hope I can last for 30 days…jeez, is it just me or does the month of May all of a sudden seem like it’s so long? …just me?…great…
Let’s see if I have the stamina it takes to be a writer! Wish me luck!



2 Responses to “i have challenged myself to a duel…”

  1. Good Luck! (p.s. you still partaking in the ol funny fun fun stuff?)

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