job search ventalation…

Recently I have begun a job search. I say recently because if I say how long it has actually been people might start to wonder what it is about me that is so painfully unemployable. I think my major problem is there’s bullshit everywhere, and I hate bullshit, so when I see an ad that looks like bullshit, I’ll still apply, but I’m not as enthusiastic as the ad wants me to be. That being said, I’m sure the receivers of my resume can also tell how unenthusiastic I am about applying for these positions, especially when the ads state they’re looking for an “enthusiastic individual”, and my resume screams how uninterested I am in these positions I am applying for.
Realistically though, how passionate about this job does one have to be? I can understand, if someone went to school, and studied for years to become something. That’s passion, that’s devotion; they have a goal in mind and that’s what drives them. I get it. Someone like myself though, who’s just looking for an entry-level position that’s closer to home, just wants a job to pay the bills. Transferring calls to their correct extensions doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Helping someone figure out what department they need to speak to doesn’t give me a sense of glorification, and signing for a package doesn’t get my panties in a frenzy.
It’s a simple process, companies need people to do the odds n ends jobs that no one else has time for or wants to do, someone like myself needs money, which leads to companies paying folks like myself to work for them.  So what I am really getting at is why can’t we all just call a spade a spade, or however that saying goes. We don’t need to over-glamourize a position that pays you just enough so that you can be broke for 4 days before your next paycheck. Tell me what you’re looking for and what needs to be done, but spare me the bullshit of enthusiasm, I’ve been doing the job for over 10 years, and trust me, it’s not exciting.





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