Is it summer yet?…

Well, it’s officially the first day of Autumn. Or as I like to call it, “Fall”. Autumn, in my very own opinion sounds way to posh, I feel as though I should have an accent when I say it. I love trying to mimic different accents, but when you’re just stating a fact, accents are not always necessary. Another reason I prefer the word “Fall” for this particular season is because I find it fitting. It’s like summer falls down, breaks its hip, and is out of commission until it springs back into action in, you guessed it, spring! In fact that’s probably the reason why so many new television series, and new seasons of series start in the fall, so summer has something to watch while it’s bed ridden. I’m starting to think that maybe if there weren’t so many good shows on lately summer would maybe be inclined to come out earlier, instead it takes its sweet time almost as if it’s milking the whole disable thing.
I shouldn’t judge summer for that though, because the more I think about it, the more I feel if I were summer I would do the same thing because if I were summer I would feel very under-appreciated. In winter, everyone is wishing for nice weather, and then summer barrels in all bright and hot with an imaginary top hat, as if it were on broadway, and everyone’s all “ugh, it’s so hot”. Summer has a heart you know, summer feels those crass remarks, and now summer has just about had enough. This past summer wasn’t much, he’s losing his mojo. I feel like he needs one of those choreographed songs where everyone just joins in from out of no where and knows all the words and steps, and we remove a layer of our clothes only to burst forth with colourful costumes and feather boas, legs being kicked up one by one in unison, big brass band appears, and sing and perform with everything we’ve got, to show summer just how much we love him. So maybe next year, he will shine a little longer…If I were summer, that probably wouldn’t work for me, because let’s face it I’m not a fan of doing things for others just to make them happy, and if I had a chance to sit around and be lazy for the entire winter season, I would totally cash in on that, but you know…maybe he’s different…


One Response to “Is it summer yet?…”

  1. had so much fun reading it.. went for a walk today on lunch break, its a beautiful summer day today with sunshine and lil breeze.. felt like wearing a colorful dress and dance round and round!!

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