Happy New Year to all my fellow readers! I am truly sorry that I have not posted for a while. I have had quite a busy year though! For those of you who have not joined the facebook group “From the nuthouse, With love” I have two things to say, the first is…JOIN THE GROUP! I need more people in there!…the second is that it has been decided, the nuthouse will be on youtube this year! I’m super excited to make videos for all of you. The videos will consist of me, your friendly neighbourhood nutball talking/venting/ranting, as well as skits! and some other pretty random things…yes, I am conjuring up a team of dedicated actors/actresses (ok maybe not dedicated…and probably not even actors or actresses, just anyone willing to be on youtube really) to make fools of themselves for the purpose of making the nuthouse even more awesome 🙂
Because this is a new year, let’s all take a moment to reflect on some amazing things that have happened to us in 2013, and share it with your fellow inmates here! or on twitter…or in the facebook group! I will go first.
For me 2013 was full of amazing surprises, I’ve always been a big believer in love, but I never expected it to actually happen to me, I met the most amazing man. I would say he was the man of my dreams but in all honesty, even my dreams couldn’t conjure up someone as amazing as he is. In August we adopted a 3 month old Doberman/Lab/Sheppard/Husky puppy. She has the look of a Doberman with Lab ears and gorgeous blueish/white eyes (pix of her will be posted on twitter today so if you’re not following me yet, get to it! @casadelnutso), this was a super big deal to me because I’ve never owned a dog before but have wanted one my whole life. She’s freaking crazy, but I mean what do you expect when your mummy is not only the president of a nuthouse, but also a client, and daddy…well he’s crazy enough to date a gal who is a president/client of a nuthouse so…it’s safe to say we’re hilariously crazy little family now. Also, in mid-November El-Boyfriendo and I moved in together and now live in an amazing apartment together. So if you have all be wondering where the heck I have been, I’ve been going crazy!!! In the very best way possible!
Now that you’ve gotten a look at my 2013…Let us know what your best moments were in your world! I look forward to hearing from you all!

❤ The Nut


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