The B.S. of C.S…

Wow, second day in a row, of posting. You must all be feeling incredibly fortunate. This post is something I just have to get off my chest because I’ve held it in far too long. One of the worst things in life, and I say one of, because believe me there are so many,  is walking into a store just to have a look around, and then being bombarded by different sales representatives making you feel like a dead carcass being swarmed by vultures. I realize they have jobs to do, and I realize that “customer service” is key to running a business. However I feel that over the years it’s been taken too far. Customer service, to me, means being respectful to patrons, and providing assistance when needed. Far too many stores, are paying far too many people, to now stand at entrances and greet people coming into the store. What is this doing for me? Well it’s not being respectful because it’s providing me annoyance because now I must have what ever thoughts in my head interrupted,  just to respond to someone who isn’t even being sincere with their greeting because let’s face it they don’t want to do it just as much as I don’t want to hear it. So I have to respond with a fake smile and a hello back to these people just so I don’t become the bitch that ruins someones day. Not that I mind being a day ruiner, however if I’m going to go to the extent of taking it to that level I’d like there to be more substance behind my reasoning for doing so. Although that would be pretty funny…It’s also not providing any assistance when needed, because at this point in the retail game, I haven’t even had time to form a question, because I haven’t had time to browse through your merchandise.
What’s even worse than that, is that it doesn’t stop there. You walk into the store, and start browsing because whatever was on your mind that you were looking for has escaped so now you begin the browsing process to sort of get yourself back on track. When another representative of the establishment comes at you just as soon as you pick up the first item and are ready to place it back on the rack because it’s not as interesting as you thought it was, with something along the lines of “Hi there, is there a specific size in that you were looking for?”  I have two problems with this question. One, no I was looking for a general size. Two, just because I pick something up to look at it doesn’t mean I am ready to buy it so get off my tits! Again, not to be rude because I know they are just doing their job I reply with “no thanks, I’m just looking”. No thanks, I’m just looking. That should be enough information for the eager little beaver that approached you, to take a step back and say, “Ok, if you need anything I’ll be right over here” This doesn’t actually happen though, what happens is, they look at that one item you picked up, and all of a sudden they become an expert on your style. “Oh if you like that then you’ll love this”. I don’t actually like that, that’s why I was putting it back, that’s why you shouldn’t just jump on people and let them come to you. At this point I usually put anything I picked up, down and walk out of the store because my patience wears quite thin in those situations, for those that are more patient it continues, and I walk away laughing calling them suckers.
What I’m trying to say, is that the people who are managing these stores, are putting pressure on the employees to provide better customer service, and constantly trying to improve the wrong things in order to make their business stand out to the public eye,  in turn these employees, which are making minimum wage,  have no idea what they can improve on because there is only so much they can do, so they are forced to get creative, which in turn, pisses off people like me that just want to shop, and not be bothered every two seconds.  Instead of improving on something like “better customer service” why don’t they try improving their products, because products that are really good will sell themselves. Also, no one needs store greeters. Thanks! Come again!



One Response to “The B.S. of C.S…”

  1. there are times when I just want to do sm window shopping, and them being over friendly either pressurize me to buy sth or run away from the store…lols

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