gimmie a break…

Well folks, I’m back after a long break. I like to give myself breaks every so often. Well, realistically, I like to think of my life as one big break. When my break gets interrupted I get a little angry. Lately my breaks have been interrupted with work. Actual work. I despise actual work, because it’s just not something I want to do. I remember when I was just a wee nutball, I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said myself, only taller. That goal was achieved, no one has given me any sort of medallion for it. No one has even ever given me a high-five. Which I find rather rude. They say the goals you set for yourself should be achievable, and realistic. What is more achievable and realistic then getting taller and being the best YOU you can be? It’s not as easy as one might think it is either, so don’t go thinking that I’m just being lazy. I mean there are SO many things out there that are willing to contribute to the stunting of your growth, it’s a task to stay away from those things. Situations in your life can even change you. How many times have you heard someone say “That girl over there, she’s such a bitch, she used to be nice but she’s changed”. It’s a constant struggle. Which makes the fact that I have achieved my goals, incredible! Now the growing part of the goal, I decided to amend it, and I’ve made it my goal now, to not get any taller. I’m quite happy with my height. I can reach for things, I can crawl under things. This height suits my lifestyle just fine. The being myself part, that’s all about maintenance now. I can put myself on cruise control and just ride.
No where did I ever mention I wanted to talk to complete morons for a living. Nope, not once, but here I am, doing just that. That is a major interruption in my life break. It consumes so much of my time, and believe it or not, dealing with a maroon uses up a lot of mental energy, because you have to protect the maroon. Almost as if we are not to harm the poor maroon, because heaven forbid the maroon is actually made aware of its stupidity. I mean really, if I were in that category myself (and who knows I just may very well be!) I would appreciate it if someone told me. Make me aware! So that I can learn not to be any longer! This is one of the biggest issues when working for companies I find. Everyone is so obsessed with offending the client, so no matter how much of a moron the consumer is, no one will actually say “hey client, that was really stupid of you” because they don’t want to lose that customer’s business. So they are basically being fake in order to keep that person as a client. Here’s the kicker, they want to develop a relationship with this person or company, make them feel comfortable, so they create a false environment, to go with their fake smiles, to make them feel like they are more important than any other client, and these consumer’s are such idiots, they just eat it up! The relationship is very important, with that I agree, however, if I ever decided to own my own company, I can’t see myself doing the fake thing. If I thought one of my shoppers did something stupid, I’d call them on it. What better way to build a relationship with a complete stranger, then to treat them like one of your friends! Friends call each other names, they insult each other, and that only brings them closer together. Why? because they aren’t holding anything back, they are laying out all the cards on the table, and it’s basically this is who I am, love it or leave it.
I hope you enjoyed business 101 from your one n only nut, now I must go on with the rest of my break and deal with more senseless interruptions, lucky for you folks, you’ll get to read about it later!

**For those of you looking to start your own business, please note that I have not put any of this into effect, and I cannot guarantee a successful business with this method. Therefore I accept no responsibility should you start a business using this method and fail. Nor do I accept responsibility for anything else unless otherwise stated.**


One Response to “gimmie a break…”

  1. Enjoyed reading business 101! its true dealing with morons takes so much of energy, ask me hun…and also that situation changes a person… personally as long as that change is for good I m ok to go through that phase, but oh yes faking is not something I would go for.. Thanks for the candid post!

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