two lefts don’t make a right…

With Valentine’s day around the corner, I have been doing quite a bit of thinking about my love life, and how non-existent it actually is. As a matter of fact, it’s on the list of endangered species. A large majority of this is my own fault. I have actually made the decision to be single, with the “if the right man comes along I’ll go for it” intention. As noble as this statement is, I feel it may have been the wrong approach, because when you wait for the “Right” man, you are embarking on a journey that leaves you with an entire series of “Left” men. Men that have tried to conquer the obstacle courses which lead to the path of their possible future with me, apparently my course is too difficult and they have been “Left” behind unable to keep up. For you gamers out there, that would be the equivalent of playing God of War with a difficulty level of “Dare you to at least get half way through” if there was such a level.
In writing this, I am not saying that these Left Men are horrible people, I myself have been a “Left Girl” to…well, everyone I have dated that didn’t end up wanting me, and it’s a learning experience. Two left’s don’t make a right…they make a down…as in your relationship is going downhill. However, if you have a “Left Man/Woman” and they find the “Right Man/Woman” logic clearly states that, if you go left, then right you are moving forward, it’s going upward…movin on up…and that’s precisely why, as much as it sucks waiting around for this alleged right character, I cannot abandon the intention that I have stated at the beginning of this post. See Diagram below for a clearer interpretation.


I will however say this, to the one that does manage to get through. You will have completed something that no other was able to accomplish, you have powered through with endless strength and effort, broken down walls, taken out guards, survived traps and pitfalls, and you managed to do it with a positive attitude and a smile on your face at the end. You are a hero, and will forever be treated as one.


One Response to “two lefts don’t make a right…”

  1. I think at this point I’m just lost. *wanders around in circles*

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