my thought process on grabbing coffee this morning…

I’m sitting at my laptop on a cold January morning. I have no coffee. This is not how things are supposed to work. My coffee machine is broken, and I refuse to feel like my grandfather did in the 1940’s, when he had to walk to school in 50 feet of snow, uphill both ways, just to go get a cup from Timmy’s. It would be so good though, and your leg would finally be able to stop shaking. I don’t want to get dressed though, it seems like an awful lot of work to do. If you do it though you will be able to drink and relax with your smoke, and all will be right in the universe again. It would take me at least 20 minutes. In 20 minutes though at least you know you’d have your coffee. My hair is messy. Who cares! If I go I’m not gonna fix it. That’s FINE! just get the coffee no one will care! What about clothes, do I really need to get dressed? NO! that’s the beauty of it being a Sunday morning, no one cares what you wear, you go grab your coffee and slink back home as if you never left. Let me think about it. Don’t think, just do! You drive a hard bargain. I’m not driving anything, it’s your strong will for coffee that’s taking you there. What if there’s a line up though? You’ll wait. I can’t wear my fuzzy slippers. You’ll wear your winter boots. They aren’t as comfy though, or as cute. It’s a temporary setback, and worth it, for coffee. Coffee. Yes, coffee. Alright, I’m doin it, this better be worth it! Oh, it will be, you won’t regret it. *sigh* I know.


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