Beware, the BLADE…

I don’t have cable, for many reasons. One being that I refuse to use the money I make to pay for commercials, with an occasional program interuption. I do however have friends that actually pay for it, so when I visit them, their television is usually on in the background. On one of my visits recently, I came across a commercial for razors. Actually, 2 of them, one for females and one for males. I don’t know what it was, but seeing the 2 raised both of my eyebrows. One for each commercial. Many thoughts ran through my head, and I had to share them with my people.
First thing’s first, I don’t understand why razors have to be divided into “sexes”. I realize men and women are different, and therefore have different needs, however is shaving really something that needs to be separated? Do men and women both not want the same close shave? As a woman, my shaving needs are quite simple, I have hair, I want said hair removed, I shave, it’s gone (albeit, temporarily but that’s a topic for another day). I am sure I can speak for the men as well, I have never heard of a man saying “I want to shave, but I want a rough surface”. If that were the case, they just wouldn’t shave, and if they really DO want that rugged look, THEY STOP SHAVING. The process is really not difficult to grasp.
Having said that, I am brought to my next point, and the actual reason for posting this blog. Every razor commercial shows someone who is pretty much already hairless, and the razor is run over one section, and we are supposed to believe this is an amazing razor. It takes not 1, not 2, but 3 blades to make an already hairless leg, hairless? I’m not going to blame the razor for this misconception because I’m sure the razor is thinking “Damn, I’m totally getting paid to do nothing”. Which I suppose is actually good for the razor, I’d love to get paid to do nothing as well, but I’m not going to dwell on that because I’m not here to argue, I already have insects plotting to kill me I don’t need razors doing the same. All I’m trying to say about this really is, if you want to show us that your razor is superb, and give people like me a reason to buy it. Make one that can shave Chewbacca, then we’ll talk.

Thanks for reading folks.


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