Beware of FMS, it’s coming to a Nation near you…

I haven’t posted in a while, I won’t tell you why because I feel that it’s important to keep the mystery going in this relationship we have here. Instead I’m going to keep you all wondering what it is this crazy nut does while not typing away ferociously on a keyboard til her fingers are bloody. I will however point out the obvious, and tell you that I’ve not posted in a while (twice). That being said let’s get to the core of this blogging session.
I’d like to talk to you all about a very serious matter. It seems to be infecting the nations, but not many people seem to realize it’s happening. I hate to be the one to break this information to the world, but it seems as though there is a brand new sickness out there. It’s rather tricky because the carrier of this disease will show no visible signs. You actually have to talk to the person in order to realize they’ve got it. The problem is though, if you are a carrier as well, you won’t realize that someone else has it, because it affects your brain and tricks you into thinking the other person is also being normal.
What on earth can this horrible disease possibly be? One might ask. It’s not an easy question to answer, as the medical profession has not yet become aware of this. I became aware of it long ago, however at the time I had only noticed it in extremely small doses, lately I have been noticing that more and more people have it, which is why I had to make this broadcast message. The term I like to use for it, is FMS (Fucking Moron syndrome). That’s right, there are fucking morons everywhere, and the only possible reason for there to be so many fucking morons out there, is if through no conscious fault of their own they’ve contracted some sort of illness. 
Now before you all get your panties in a twist, I want you to know, you…my followers, are all safe. You have the nuthouse seal of approval, because you have shown enough common sense to become followers. I worry about the rest though. So I ask all of you to give those you care about a dose of nuthouse.
**Please note I did not say to give them a dose of “NUTS” that could be very dangerous to those that are allergic**
Tread carefully my friends, and do whatever you have to do to ensure that my shit list doesn’t get any longer, cuz I’m running out of paper folks, and what happens when we run out of paper? The environment freaks out.
Thank you


2 Responses to “Beware of FMS, it’s coming to a Nation near you…”

  1. It’s true. I’ve started seeing more and more people become infected. As I understand it, it’s transmissible by TV and other forms of mass media…

    Be safe!

  2. As I started reading, I got curious about the disease. I was thinking was it plague or sth. As its 2017 now , so may be the disease is no more. Finally the suspense came to an end. FMS!! true though!! this syndrome is getting viral. People need to help themselves. I guess I am still safe 🙂

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