sorry, wrong number…

I had a debate with a co-worker the other day, in fact, it was the very same co-worker (let’s call her “Rama” from this point forward) whom I shared my views with on the great fall. It all began with my ability to serenade the average folk at the snap of a finger. For those of you that aren’t aware, I excel at serenation, in fact, I’m so good that sometimes I get creative with my songs and just free-style the lyrics. Other times I just feel that the songs I sing are a little out dated, and therefore I update them.
That particular day my song of choice was the ever popular 867 5309/Jenny made popular in the 80’s by Tommy Tutone. However instead of singing the number mentioned, I sang, 462 7509. Immediately Rama jumped in and was quick to point out that the number I was singing was not the correct number. However, I begged to differ. Now when I “beg to differ” on any subject it is important that people pay attention to my reason, I don’t just walk around this planet begging to differ on any and every occasion. I take pride in my ability to do this and I only do it when I feel it needs to be done.
The way I see this situation, is that the number 867 5309 was probably Jenny’s phone number back in the day. This Tommy Tutone character was so infatuated with Jenny that he wrote a song about her, thinking he would be romantic and sweet. However when the song became a hit, Jenny probably got a lot of phone calls from the general public. At first she may have thought it was kind of neat, but I’m sure the novelty wore off quite quickly. I know if that were me, I would definitely be annoyed, most likely a lot sooner than our dear Jenny. She stuck it out as long as she could though, even she had a breaking point though. Eventually her number was changed because the calls were getting scarier and starting to freak her out. Now I’m not saying that 462 7509 is her correct number, it’s just a random number that I pulled out of my head. My point is that 867 5309 is probably wrong too.
So what have we learned from reading this post? That we should all make sure to update our phone/address books on a regular basis…


One Response to “sorry, wrong number…”

  1. I see ya, and I’ll raise ya a Beechwood 45789.

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