my life in the 50’s…

I should have been born in the 50’s. I could totally see myself working as a waitress at “the hop” as a part-time job in my teen age years. I wouldn’t be a good waitress obviously, because I can’t rollerskate, so I would most likely spill things on customers, floors and crash into objects I probably would never have noticed existed. I’d get orders wrong, and any customer that annoyed me I’d pour milkshakes on their laps and storm off with dignity. My boss would never fire me though because he’d think I was a pistol. He would reprimand me though, just when I’d do something wrong he would roll his eyes and shake his head in a “that’s Molly” sort of way. Oh, yes and my name would probably be Molly. I’m not sure why, you’ll have to ask my parents “Barb and Jim O’Connor”.  My father would be a door to door vacuum salesman, my mom would be a house wife. During the day while my dad would be at work, my mother would get together with the other housewives. We wouldn’t be rich, but we’d be comfortable. I’d be involved in all sorts of activities, like ballet, swimming, and I’d be on the cheerleading squad at school. I wouldn’t be head cheerleader though, to fill that position I’d have to be a snotty girl who thought she was better than everyone. No, I’d be the one everyone would think was weird for not hanging out with them.
The quarterback of the football team, Bobbie, the one every girl in school drooled over, would be in love with me. I wouldn’t be interested in him though. I wouldn’t be rude about it, and he would understand, but he’d still be after me even though the hottest girl in school is throwing herself at him. I’d have a secret crush on the innocent guy that sat in the back corner of the classroom, Dean. We’d never get together though, he’d be too shy to approach me due to his lack of self-confidence and I’d be too much of a lady to approach him. So we’d suffer in silence while our hearts longed for each other.
My best friend Sandy would live next door to me, we’d have sleep overs and do each others hair and nails, and make-up all while gossiping about boys and how we can’t wait for prom. I wouldn’t have a date for the prom even though Bobbie would ask me. I’d go alone, which would make the other girls think I was even more weird. I’d make my own dress too, which would be stunning and everyone would be wowed. My best friend would have a date, she’d end up getting married to the guy.
At the prom I’d see Dean with his friends. We’d catch each others eye every so often until one of his friends accidentally on purpose tripped him so he’d end up falling and spilling his drink on my beautiful dress. He’d apologize on behalf of his friends and help me clean up. Then he’d ask me to dance. We would spend the rest of the evening laughing and talking, then he would offer to drive me home. I would of course say no just in case he would try something funny in the car, but he would ask if he could call me sometime, and I would tell him that would be groovy.
From that moment though, Dean and I would have started making history together. We would end up being the hottest couple around, and we would be completely in love. My parents would love him as their own son, and eventually we’d get married and move to Hawaii, and live happily ever after.



2 Responses to “my life in the 50’s…”

  1. Please tell me you’d wear your hair in a ponytail and that your bed would have a pink quilt with little, red hearts on it?

  2. Hmmm…I may have to rethink the whole scene … I don’t know if I could live with a pink quilt with red hearts 😉

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