crazy little thing called fear…

I choose my victims wisely. It’s not an easy task as one might think. Spotting that one person that has a low enough self-esteem to listen to everything I want them to believe. It’s amazing how even those people who come across as confident fall victim to me though, once my full charm comes into effect. Low self-esteem is not the only thing I prey on, it is by far the easiest and doesn’t use up too much of my energy because they’ve already done the prep work for me. However, I like being challenged as well. It gives me more strength when I succeed. Satisfaction even. I know you’re all thinking that I am such an evil creature, but realistically you’ve got your job to do, I’ve got mine. It’s nothing personal against any one person in particular. It just so happens that we are on opposite ends of the spectrum, and our positions just so happen to clash. Sometimes I’ll even use some of you to aid me in taking down another one of your own. Again, nothing personal, it’s just how it works.
It’s funny because when you really look at our situation, yours is the stronger being. I only exist because you allow me to. Your mind creates me, and your thoughts feed me and help me grow. The more I grow, the weaker you become. Well, not really, but it’s my job to make you think you’re weak. It’s sort of a “Jedi Mind-Trick” type of process. Suddenly you’re pulling your hair out over something that normally you wouldn’t have thought twice of, but now no matter what something will go wrong either way, you’ve become unsure and start second guessing your thoughts, your ideas. Eventually the littlest things will consume you. The more consumed you get, the more power I have. It gets easier for me to do the larger I become until one day I won’t have to do anything at all. That’s when I know I’ve won. I sit back and watch you destroy yourself, your life. You stop doing things you dreamed of, you stop having goals, which leads to you feeling as though you have nothing to live for. You lose your energy and your will, you stop trying…at everything. Your spouse/family and friends will try to help you through it, but you won’t care anymore.

It’s rather ironic, because if only you’d believe in yourself with that same zest and energy, I would have never come into being. Now you have no one to blame but yourself…



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