the great fall…

Today I began to tell a friend of mine a story. I am sure some of you may have heard of this particular story. It has to do with a giant egg, that earns a living by sitting on giant walls. For those of you that haven’t heard this tale, the egg one day has a mishap, and he falls off of a wall, leading to his ultimate demise. Now no one knows for sure what exactly happened as there were no witnesses. I have a few theories myself, I mean, someone who wished ill on him could have rigged the wall so that he would fall, perhaps with or without intent to kill. Or the wall he attempted to climb that day could have been far to large for his body and he lost his balance and we all know, eggs are not known for their balancing skills, and I mean, he did seem pretty clumsy…and in my opinion he was rather delusional, because who the hell do you think you are earning a living sitting on a damn wall?? Get a real job!…
…Sorry about that…it’s out of my system, let’s move on.
My friend proceeds to finish the tale, by stating that the horses, and men of the King (which King exactly is not specified) tried to put him together, but failed miserably. Now I have a problem with this.
My first issue, is, how important was this eggs role that the king’s horses and men had to take time out of there day from protecting the castle, to try to glue back together a broken egg? Surely if he was that important their would have been provisions placed in case such an incident occurred, like perhaps safety nets? Are you trying to tell me that glueing this egg is more important than the King himself? Who was guarding the castle?
Secondly, of course they wouldn’t be able to put him back together, their training is in combat…in breaking bones, attacking, do you really think the best people for fixing him would be them?? Granted there are no such thing as egg doctors, but if this particular egg was so important, I think the King could have hired someone to study egg biology, and become the castle’s egg doctor. He would live at the castle and study day in and day out, and do experiments on previously broken eggs so that he can perfect his skill, should such an occasion arise.
That’s all I’m sayin.



2 Responses to “the great fall…”

  1. LMAO this post made my afternoon

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