puzzles vs. cards…

I write things in different places at different times of day. I cannot be held responsible for the mishaps that occur. Well that’s not entirely true I suppose…let me rephrase that. I refuse to be held responsible because I dislike responsibility of any kind. So you can accuse me and blame me, I just won’t accept it, and if I don’t accept it, the transaction is not complete. Which means your accusation or blame or whatever you want to call it, remains in limbo (for all you religious folk out there, it’s like you’re in purgatory) (also on a side note, just because I made a religious reference does not mean I have become one with the lord).
This particular writing session of mine brings me back to one particular day that I thought I would share with you all. The last time I was ever “blamed” for something. It was my 5th birthday and didn’t really understand the whole blaming system. I was blamed for being the reason someone stole my puzzle piece. That’s right, a puzzle piece. I was minding my own business doing a Bert and Ernie puzzle, when out of the blue, my younger cousin, who is now my best friend, just up’ed and grabbed my puzzle piece and I’m not quite sure my memory is quite fuzzy, but I think she either dunked it in her glass of chocolate milk, or stuck it in her mouth. Either way I was not impressed with the missing piece to my brand new birthday puzzle being destroyed. So naturally I did what any just turned 5-year-old would do, I tried to grab it from her and rescue it before she could do any more damage to it. Of course that was when the adults walked in, with their incredible situation assessing skills and impeccable timing, saw me wrestling with my cousin to get that piece back. Let’s just say, it didn’t look good on my part. According to them, I was older, and should have had more common sense. Instead of getting angry though, I took what they said into consideration…I got older, and I got more common sense…over the years I have accumulated quite a bit, in fact I reached a point one day where I had SO much, that I needed to do something with it, so one day about 10 years ago,  I went over to my folks house unexpectedly, and I decided to use my common sense, and  stole the ace of spades from their deck of playing cards. I can’t tell you what happened as I haven’t heard anything about the missing card yet, but don’t worry…I have my speech prepared for when it all goes down and I’ve also added an amazing exit for dramatic effect! Until then, all I can do is wait…


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