careful, you too can be fooled by appearance…

Dress Codes. I hate them. More importantly I don’t feel they are as important as most people feel they are. They say clients are more likely to take their business to a company who presents themselves professionally…Quite frankly I feel “professionalism” is over rated. I don’t care what you look like, or how you dress, I just have a job that needs to be done…can you do it?  Think about it, these alleged professionals, are liars. They are lying about their true appearance…and if they are lying to you about who they really are, who is to say that they aren’t lying about their ability to produce the work…etc…I would rather take my business to some hippy lookin’ dude who is completely himself, and know he was an honest person with the smarts to get the job done, then to someone who bought a $3000 suit and worked in a fancy shmancy looking building, and who probably didn’t even know anything about his actual job because he is paid to delegate a majority of his work. 
Now most people reading this, that actually know me are probably thinking “of course YOU would say that”. To that I say…that’s precisely why you heard it from me first…back to you Norm!


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