Troll Syndrom – Reborn…

I made a post awhile back about troll syndrom…well, ok, the whole post wasn’t about troll syndrom but if you’ve actually been following my blog as you should be then you would be able to make the connection.
I was in the shower last night (yes, us trolls do indeed shower every so often, you just can’t tell) and whilst I was scrubbing away, I noticed that I was constantly fiddling with the water, it kept getting colder on me, and I would have to keep adjusting the cold knob til eventually all I had was the hot knob. Normally if all someone has is a hot knob the water is pretty freakin scolding hot. Not mine. It could be either because my thick troll skin dosn’t feel the heat, or because the damn people upstairs were showering at the same time as me. I went with the latter and I banged on the ceiling in full swear mode because I had to cut my shower short due to the water being too cold to stay in there. They acted as if I wasn’t even there. Which leads me to believe I may possibly have Ghost Syndrom as well…
 Is it not enough that I live in the basement and freeze?, is it not enough that the light of day does not exist in my apartment? and is it not enough that I have to deal with pesky insects trying to freeload off of me? Just because I dwell in the sub-earth dosn’t mean I can’t feel. I got in that shower before you, have some courtesy and wait til I’m done! JERKS!!


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