The Introduction…(February 22nd 2010)

I came to the decision that I should start blogging recently, as a way to keep track of my thoughts. I used to try to carry a journal with me and a pen. It was the cutest little thing, it was small and black with a bunch of band stickers of my favorite punk bands on it. Problem with that was by the time I would go through my purse to find it, my thought had already escaped, all I’d be left with was a few words of mediocre importance or relevance to the thought. I then tried just writing in the evenings before I went to bed, but my brain started thinking faster then I could write, and I’d have so much to write that my hand would often cramp. I think that was because I pressed too hard when I was writing. I’d make a point to stop, but these days it’s rare to use pens and pencils. In other words one thing led to another, and here I am posting a blog.

I’m going to leave that as my introduction, because I dislike talking about myself in an introductory manner. It reminds me of job interviews for office world.



2 Responses to “The Introduction…(February 22nd 2010)”

  1. jellyfish Says:

    total word….
    anything brewing lately>>

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