Don’t Make Me Tell You Off…(Saturday, March 13, 2010)

It’s not something that I want to do, I don’t live my life in hopes of telling people off. In fact, I honestly try to live my life avoiding conflict. For the most part, I’m ok, I have a strong sense of self control, but there is always one person a day that really tries my patience. What I want to know is, why? Why do you do it? Do you enjoy making my blood boil?
I find that I have to bite my tongue thousands of times a day because of people like this, and quite frankly I’m getting exhausted and my tongue is starting to get sore. This does not equal a good combination, and so I write this as a warning to you/them. Just because I haven’t yet made you feel like the tiny little spec in this universe that you are, doesn’t mean I won’t. It just means that the longer it takes for me to do it, the more ammunition I will have coming your way.
You see, here is a little insight as to how my mind works. I have little filing cabinets in my brain, and they are all sorted out alphabetically, not by name because I honestly don’t know the names of everyone I come into contact with, but by annoyance. For example, If today was the first day I have come into contact with you, and we were on the subway and you stepped on my foot really hard and didn’t turn around to at least say you are sorry, then a file is created for you under “Foot Stomper” if there are more then one, I will add in a description of what stands out most on you. Once that file increases in size (and it only increases in size if I come into contact with you again and you do something to piss me off again), it no longer fits into my cute black little filing cabinet with little white daisies on it, and must be destroyed, however the only way such a file can be destroyed is for me to “let loose” on the culprit. Once that happens the file is gone and leaves room for more people to come in and do the exact same thing…it’s a rather annoying process in itself.
Sometimes I think everyone has different jobs, and by jobs I don’t mean the 9-5 job that you’ve chosen or not chosen depending on what you actually do for a living, but I mean jobs that were assigned to us by the universe, we had no choice in the matter, the universe just stamped a particular job on your forehead and you must follow through with it. If this case I am making has any truth to it then my job would be to hold back on telling people off, and the people that keep eggin’ me on, their job would be to try with all their might to get me to cross that line. As long as I don’t cross that I am doing my job properly and the ones that try to get me to do it are failing. If I look at it that way, I am almost proud of myself.

It’s funny how I started writing this with a specific route and ended up with something completely different.


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